Meetings & Presentations

The first step is to understand the needs of the residents and study the plot. We follow it up with a brief presentation about the redevelopment overview. This includes the layout, draft plans, commercial terms, timelines, specifications, shifting arrangements and documents required.

Final Plan & Sanctions

The project plan is reworked to fit in the requirements of the members. A final draft of the techno commercial plan with building sketches and legal agreements is presented to the committee. This is followed by obtaining sanctions from the Municipal/Local authorities.

Shifting of Residents & Demolition

When commercial terms have been fulfilled, the residents are shifted into rental apartments. The building is thus ready to be handed over for redevelopment. The process of redevelopment will be initiated and completed as per the sanction plan.

Project Completion & Handover

Once the building is ready as per the architectural assessment, aspects such as finishing, inspection and various other installations will be looked into thoroughly. The occupation as well as completion certificate gets cleared and the building is handed over to the residents with respective induction.

Standard Documents Required

Approved Building Plan

Property Card

D.P. Remarks

Extract of 7/12

Index II

NA Order

Occupation Certificate

Completion Certificate

Society Registration Certificate

Shares Certificate

Demarcation Old

Commencement Certificate

Search report & Title Certificate

List of members with their respective carpet areas

Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed

Documents / Deeds / Agreements, etc

Copy of resolution by Society members towards redevelopment

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